hong kong bread recipe

You can sometimes find it in baking isle at large Chinese supermarkets. My favorite fillings are either custard or red bean paste. They are fantastic and inspirational especially bread using tangzhong paste!!! My bread machine is kneading as I write. To vyhoo,If you don't want to use condensed milk, you can skip it. The bread dough i… Add half the portion of bread flour into ①. Any tips for making the buns softer? -Nicole. Add dry ingredients, melted butter and golden syrup. I haven't had these in ages!! Do not let lumps form. Is nonfat dry milk a kind of powdered milk? Did you proof your dough enough? Hi can I know why my pineapple crust while proving it’s slowly splits out baking it cracks until no pattern s at all, I’m using the crust cutter to do the patterns! Use a KitchenAid mixer to make the kneading process super easy. Add milk, egg, and cooled Tangzhong. Shortlisting this recipe first. Yeast grows exponentially when the conditions are right. I really share your joy. Lol It's 2:30 AM here and I was planning on buying the whippED cream first thing in the morning to try out your recipe!Quick question about tangzhong... Can I use milk instead of water to make it? Thought it was a bit complex first but great instructions & tips made it easy & fun to cook. Or just let it rise longer? Make this amazing Hong Kong Pineapple Bun Recipe following this step-by-step recipe at yireservation.com. Every second counts, so I tried to gobbled it down as fast as i could haha. OMG... this bread looks amazing. Making the bolo boa today, it is still in 2nd proofing stage. is it a must for putting the condense milk? it shaped itself in the thin durinf the second rise... :). The best temperature for 2nd round proofing is 38C, humidity 85%. I made the Pai Bao and it was so soft and tasty. My tangzhong is like kinda solid pasty glue. Good thing I came back to copy the recipe. Crusty Farmer's Bread. Yes you will need slightly over 1/2 tsp of baking powder in total. It should improve. Also my topping didn’t turn out as bright yellow as yours – maybe because I used baking powder? You might think it’s not that kind of original Borscht, but many Hong Kong people like having some meat or bones to cook soup. The buns are SUPER soft and fluffy that I had a hard time taking them out of the pan without squashing them. Thanks again for raising this to me. Those fluffy and soft sweet buns, filled with all sorts of sweet and savory fillings, are the BEST in my opinion. To Anonymous,The kneading and proofing are two crucial factors to have tangzhong breads baked successfully. Before I let you jump into this rather long recipe, I’d like to remind you that you have until this Monday night to enter to win this 5.5-Qt Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven that I am giving away. but because it was time to sleep, I rolled it quickly and put in the tins and went to bed. Oh yes, there is no actual pineapple in the bun! They were even soft and crunchy (topping) on the second day. Thanks to fellow blogger, Saucy Spatula and her delicious looking french toast, I was inspired to make this for breakfast today. Hi Christine, thanks for your reply. Try to decrease the oven temperature a bit next time. For the pineapple crust, the ingredients list includes salt, but the directions don’t mention the 2g salt anywhere. WOW.. can't wait to try it! Please note that I don’t normally use the US system so the numbers are approximate. Part I: Making the Roux – TANGZHONG. Repeat this step with the rest of the dough. Combine the cake flour, dry milk, salt, baking powder, and ammonia bicarbonate in a separate bowl. View Recipe . In the meantime, divide the chilled pineapple crust dough (see instructions below) into 8 or 10 pieces. I'll try to use it. Transfer the dough to a clean floured surface. I tryed this last night, i made the dough in the breadmachine, i deflated and tryed shaping, it was soooooooooo sticky, impossible to handle it... so i just deflated and threw it in the thin like that, just a glob of dough, i let it rise again for the second time, for about an hour, baked it for 25min ... it came out really good!!! I’ve also never used a roux before. Step 4 Mix well. My baking tin is non-stick. @Anonymous:Oh, so glad to hear that. Will it be too hard? The cooked mixture retains the moisture, so adding it into your bread mix produces a softer bread that stays soft for several days. As for my wife, she enjoyed her pineapple bun served as a bor lor yau, which had a thick slab of butter sandwiched in the middle of a freshly made pineapple bun. Can you post a picture of the package? Haha. Turn seal downward. bowl add 1 & 1/2 cup of bread flour, 1/2 cup of cake flour, 1/2 tablespoon of vital wheat gluten, 1/2 tablespoon of dough enhancer, 1 teaspoon of salt and mix well. Thanks for sharing the link. At one point, I thought the dough would not rise and I left it in the tin and went out. Fluffiest raisin bread recipe. Roll and stretch to about 20cm in length (see picture 5). If using breadmaker to bake, the bread would be drier.Yeah, feel free to adjust what you think might be right in your condition. Repeat until every bread dough is covered. can I skip using this? not baking powder? I apologize for the inconvenience. Fluffiest raisin bread (tangzhong) Save Print. If you missed out on the Four Seasons Hong Kong’s famous version – which takes days to make – here’s award-winning pastry chef Ringo Chan’s own recipe you can try at home They were immediately hooked—my daughter ate bor lor yau every day of our visit. If you use fresh yeast, the proofing step is the same. The last round of proofing is about 40 minutes.Hope it helps. Luckily I read thru the posts before I make e bread. II. My dough is now on 2nd proofing in tin and guess what? Thank you so much for sharing the recipe. Coz it's not stated clearly in e receipe. Hi Angela, similar to the other bread reacipe, I’ll have to convert that information and make an update on the original ingredient list. . We’re having a baby this week and I decided to do something special for the love of my life. Really great. Hi Veve, sorry for getting back to you late. Proofing time should be unchanged. I have been recommending your blog to people who love HK homely food. Place a crust dough ball in between two pieces of plastic wrap. A mixture of sugar, eggs, flour, and lard form a crisp surface with soft bread underneath, and it's best eaten when hot. Ever tried Tangzhong breads before? The buns came out wonderfully, and are still soft and fluffy a day later! BUT they got dry so fast! Hi Christine,I was wondering if I used too much wet ingredient because my dough was like very thick batter after the kneading was done in the bread machine. Milk Loaf. The bread will be wonderfully tasty.This recipe helps to make tangzhong dough, that's very sticky, compared to other kind of dough. Intimidating at first but found that it was really easy! I've tried a much simpler recipe, not tangzhong as I didn't have much luck with tangzhong. Hi Christine, I followed your recipe exactly .. except I didnt have a breadmaker, so I mixed everything and kneaded the dough by hand. Yes it's powdered milk. The classic Hong Kong-style french toast combines thick-sliced white bread, eggs, and kaya coconut jam, all deep fried and topped with an indulgent amount of butter and sweetened condensed milk. @winnieEach round of proofing is important. hi christine, i just want to ask where i can buy bread flour in australia. That might have helped it become really soft. Hope this helps. The final mixture is of cookie dough consistency. No problem at all. Does it mean that I need to use 1/2 tsp of baking powder in total? This is the first time I tried the recipe and the result is unbelievable! Do you have this recipe in cup/tablespoon/teaspoon measurements? Hope you get to try this recipe soon! I really need to start learning how to make tangzhong. It's gluey, pasty and when spoon up, will still flow down. Still, I'm satisfied as of now. I have just updated the ingredient list to include the US measurement to the best of my ability. I would love to make this for my Bolo-loving Hubby but there are only 2 of us at home. Will let you know once that’s done. But don't go too far, as longer proofing time would generate better bread dough, your bread would has sweeter smell.2) I didn't use a thermometer to check the temperature while cooking tangzhong actually. Thanks. Haven’t had one pineapple bun since ages! View recipe. Hope this helps. What a great recipe and you obviously are fabulous baker because these are perfect! hi Regina, the best way to reheat these buns is to put back in the oven and heat up at 250f for 7-10 minutes (10 minutes if stored in the fridge. Rise are the exclusive bakers to some of Hong Kong’s hottest dining spots including Bánh Mi Kitchen in both Central and Wanchai, tea and dessert cafe 2DP, and Central coffee bar Nodi. Your email address will not be published. Thank you. The cranberries I put in them helped with the flavour too. My 4 yr old son Who LOVES bread tried one bite and reached for his water lol poor boy. With your recipe, I was able to figure out how to make them. 1 serving of tangzhong: this is a separate recipe and you will use all the tangzhong made with the recipe For the tangzhong: 1/3 cup of bread flour (all purpose will work as well) 1 cup of water When I came home 7-8 hours later, the dough had kinda overflowed slightly from the tin. It's much easier to make it in a bread machine.When kneading by hand, people tend to add more extra flour to prevent sticking to their hands. I added more water to the dough to make it moist. I have difficulties to measure the ingredients amount by ‘g’. Any ideas on what to fix? @anniemchong:Yeah, the dough made from tangzhong is very wet and sticky. (i want to eat fresh bread for breakfast, but don't want to wake up so early to proof it and everything).also, what type/brand of milk powder do u use? Hi Christine, thank you for answering my questions. Even though Germany is very famous for its bread, I still miss the bread in the Hong Kong bakery. By Josephine Chan. If the dough is proofed appropriately, baked with right oven temperature. Hi Christine, I'd like to try your recipe but I couldn't find the full cream milk powder. Like the new website, especially the archive. I reduced the oven temp and loosely covered the tray with foil for half of the time. Egg Tarts. Then roll to the bottom. With all the kneading and proofing time, I hope I have enough time. It won’t make the buns too hard and they’ll still be relatively crunchy. Thank you for that! Hong Kong Style French Toast. 3. If you grasp these two principles well, the end results would be wonderful. I made the tangzhong few times and the buns were soft when they came out fresh from oven but they seemed to be heavier than those buns I buy from the bakery. I have made the correction and it should work now. :p. @j.d:For making this soft and delicate bread, it's better and accurate to use an electric kitchen scale and measure all the ingredients. Naturally, you can't see the shape of the 3 distinct 'long stick' in the tin. It add more milky flavour into the bread.Making bread is like an art. I have corrected and I am sorry for all the confusion. I am really happy to hear that the recipe got the stamp of approval of your daughter. This pandan chiffon cake recipe has been sitting in my draft folder way long ago. Thanks Christine for your reply. Just tried this recipe, they came out fairly well and taste good but the top “pineapple” layer didn’t really get crispy. SD-P104 . Baking powder comes in several formulations, but they’re all different from baking ammonia. I am here in South Africa and it seems like the flour here is not the same as Asian flour. For the pineapple crust recipe stated that we need 1/4tsp Baking powder + 1/3tsp ammonium bicarbonate*. Here’s the genuine article from Si Yik near Hong Kong’s Stanley Market. They never came out right. Ahhh I love these tray buns! How to I reheat to get the crunch? Hong Kong has long been a desert when it comes to quality bread. Like a glue. -MJ South Africa. Some of the combinations like "sausage mayonnaise" or "corn and tuna" seem rather dubious, but there are also wonderful ones like red bean or curry. I do have a golden custard recipe. Tangzhong is basically a water roux- if you're thinking the above photo looks like a bowl of goop then yeah, it pretty much is! But so soft compared to the first batch. Hello, how do I reheat the bun to have the cruchyness next day for my son? : Bread. I first came across this method of bread making via Christine's Recipes. My wife loves pineapple buns and I love baking so I gave it a shot today and they turned out quite nice. Thanks for checking out the pineapple bun recipe. The flavour was Perfect and the texture was soft and fluffy, just like the asian bakery shop Pai Baos. Try to avoid from turning the inside out, the inside is still very sticky. I’ve already baked a lot of pineapple buns before, but I have to admit that this recipe is the best one. The 80ml of milk is double counted as it was supposed be part of the roux ingredient. My house stays at 66F in the winter, but extended proofing time with no adverse effects. A bite into it, I felt an explosion of semi-melted butter mixed with soft bread and crunchy shell. hi Erika, thanks for bringing this to my attention. The result is a sweet french toast that’s crispy on the outside, while remaining soft and chewy on the inside. Then you measure out the quantity this recipe calls for, then mix with other ingredients. A wonderful soup – real soulfood! I also omitted the condensed milk.3. Hope the buns came out good! can I use thick cream? Regarding the bun, it’s possible to make it soft and fluffy without additives (most bakeries do use them) but it takes some practice and patience. Do you have any suggestion ? is it ok to use liquid milk? Also this is about your custard, but I saw your recipe, was wondering if I could add some strawberry jam in that to make it strawberry flavored? Please let me know. Once the dough is ready, divide the dough into 10 portions for regular size buns or 8 portions for extra-large buns. That would be fine if you like to use it. Thank you for this recipe, I baked , and buns are delicious! if you use instant yeast, please make sure you add 30ml more water/milk to the dough to compensate the difference. I like HK sweet bun too!! Kiddo love the crunciness. Your email address will not be published. Currently using the Tangzhong method but baking within the breadmaker, too lazy to shape and put into oven. thx so much for sharing the recipe!i've also got a quick question christine, does it have to be baked immediately after 2nd proofing? 1. I love pai bao! I've just made it but I think it's not working :(1. This cookie topping is typically used on Hong Kong style pineapple buns (bolo bao) or Japanese melon bread but I love it so much that I decided to try using it on a regular loaf! If you can’t find it, you can substitute with the same amount of baking powder. I used my mixer with the dough attachment to mix the dough and that seemed alright. Hi Jennifer, thanks for visiting. Yup. Her blessing also means I can official share this tasty homemade pineapple bun recipe with step-by-step instructions with aspirational readers like you! Mobile Version | Global Top | 中. Roll out each portion of the dough with a rolling pin into an oval shape (See picture 2). 2) Does it matter if the tangzhong heats up just below or above 65c or does it have to be exactly 65c. For the custard, I have not experimented with other flavors but strawberry jam sounds yum. The crust of your bred turned dry and hard was because of high temperature. They were MUCH better than any other bread recipe I had tried. I used the wrong flour coz the bags look the same. *Ammonium bicarbonate (臭粉) is a leavening agent used commercial food preparation. It’s like a soft sweet bread wrapped in cookie dough! If I wanted to double the recipe, would I double the yeast too? I find it very difficult to handle the dough using the tangzhong method, so if you let the breadmaker do the work, will the dough be sticky after proofing for 10 mins.? isn’t ammonia bicarbonate the same thing as baking soda? The time of proofing depends on the weather and temperature, and varies every time. Roll each piece of crust dough into a ball. How was your dough after the second proofing? Perhaps I’ll post a steamed custard bun recipe sometime. Thanks again. I will try this recipe for my ensymada and tangzhong method for my pandesal (philippine bread). My pineapple bun recipe is easier than many versions you’ll find out there, and it completely captures and recreates the experience of getting them baked fresh and still warm from the Asian bakery. Pineapple Bun 菠蘿包, known as bor lor bao in Cantonese, or bo luo bao in Mandarin, is a very popular Cantonese/Hong Kong style pastry served as a dim sum snack, breakfast bun, or dessert pastry and it’s sold in Chinese bakeries all around the world. Which Asian market carries baking ammonia? Do you think this will contribute to my failure? but when it came to the proofing, it took super long. @Anonymous:Just add all the ingredients in your breadmaker, follow the instructions in the manual and select the appropriate mode. OMG!! The dough program takes 1 hr 30 mins to complete kneading and proofing for my kenwood machine. Was it light and fluffy?To Susie,Thanks for your love of my recipes.1) I haven't used fresh yeast because I've got heaps of instant dried yeast in my pantry. oh my goodness? I went ahead and bought myself a bread maker today! Rye Bread. @TC:Again, a little reminder, whipping cream is used for making this bread.Yes, you can use milk to make tangzhong, or use half water and half milk. It was definitely something to die for! I'm hoping to share this recipe with my family and friends in the future :). The dough is very very sticky!! Happy baking! The dough can get sticky in the beginning but as you keep on kneading it should get less sticky and the surface should turn smooth. So what made te difference? If I use instant yeast and skip the proofing step, do I need to add 30 ml of water to the recipe? I did everything correctly except the fact I do not know whether the tangzhong is too runny this time. She certainly has a good taste :). Deflate and divide into 6 equal portions (see picture 1). Yes there was a typo on the recipe. You'll easily find it served in Chinese restaurants. After about 7 hours, the tin was only bout 80% full. My hubby is not a fan of HK plain buns but he loved these. Flatten the dough with your palm and then roll out into a 4”-5” wrapper. Those recipe won’t work. I hope someday I’ll find time to follow your recipe here and with my favorite marmalade. Besides that, instant dried yeast is most suitable for using in breadmaker. Yes, the bread is soft but not as soft as your picture promised. Chocolate and milk loaf. I have no experience making bao, but i have a question, when i was rolling the dough is was sooo sticky.. i want to know if thats normal or made something wrong? Then add beaten egg, condensed milk and cherry blossom pedal. How long would the 1st and 2nd proofing be? You might consider writing about coping with a small kitchen. You’ll need – To a pan with high sides, add the flour, milk and water. 2. I made this bo lor bao and i love it! Spray the moulds, pipe the mixture in then prove on top of the oven (or a warm place) for 35-40 minutes. Cool on a cooling rack and serve while the crust is still crunchy! @Anonymous:Yes, whisk the whole egg, including the egg white with egg yolk. Yield: 1 loaf. My go-to recipe when I want to eat soft bread (sometimes I crave baguette/french bread instead of asian-style bread) The only thing is the topping for the bo lo bun was not sweet enough for my taste, haha, but that’s just personal preference. View recipe. the ones that they're selling in coles are pre mix bread flour. I ended up incorporating a lot more flour while kneading it until it was elastic and springy. Taste wise, they're actually better than the ones I bought at the bakeries! Hello Yi,  Any idea how i can use the breadmaker through out to make a loaf of bread that is soft like the ones you have without shapping? These tasted just the way I remember, eating them fresh out of the oven at the bakeries in NYC. I have posted a detailed recipe and video on how to make the Asian soft milk bread. Your bread recipes are must-trys hehe even for a novice baker like me. I was sold on the spot! My family also likes to have a piece of toasted garlic bread to go with this soup. My breadmaker is Kenwood. This one is the best I found! Transfer the pineapple crust dough onto a plastic wrap. Hi Davina, thank you very much for the feedback and I am so happy to hear that the buns came out nice. If yours is like mine, you don't need to grease it before placing the dough in. View recipe. HOKKAIDO MILK BREAD RECIPE. Yours look perfectly perfect, Yi. Christine, can I know if you have added e whisked egg or e egg yolk into e mixture or both? Glad that you found the bread recipes helpful. What gorgeous and perfect sweet rolls. Hi Myrth, thanks for checking out my recipes. From Ms Alex, The weather in Malaysia is always between 29 - 32C during day time. Thanks again! I cannot fail!!!! @rachelnchong1.If your tangzhong has a "shape", you might have overcooked it. Let cool completely. Mix on low in a stand mixer until everything is combined (~ 2 mins). The buns came out nicely round on the top. It's weird that your dough took such long time to rise. It's like glue, contains much moist in it.2.As for proofing, you can judge whether your dough is proofed enough or not by sight. Required fields are marked *. This Cantonese Egg Tart is a very traditional Chinese dessert that you'll find in many Hong Kong restaurants (茶餐廳 Cha Chaan Teng ). (25min). Thanks. Yes, it's a way to roll and pinch your dough into a log. Thanks Judith. Thanks! They became heavy and hard the next day. thanks!! The bread dough was a little sticky but overall they worked out great! Thanks again for visiting my blog. I cover the tin with cling wrap and cloth. Hi Janet, thanks for your feedback. Any tips would be appreciated. It was also my favorite when I was a kid when living in Hong Kong. Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! I am referring to two different items in the list of ingredients. As I sank my teeth into that golden-crispy-shelled bun, my eyes just immediately lit up and I had to take a few more bites to confirm that I was eating a Chinese pastry. One question: do you have any good custard recipes for the filling? View Recipe. Is salt supposed to be part of the pineapple crust? If double in size, it's fine. this looks delicious! I'm staying in Malaysia.3) Refer to picture no.4. Really cool recipe — thanks so much. Please follow that recipe up until the shaping step then switch to this recipe to shape the dough into balls. I followed it accurately and they turned out perfect! The warmer the weather, the shorter and quicker for proofing. Either that, or a cooking school! If you live in a cool area, you can stretch the shelf life to 3 days. @TC:Actually, this recipe calls for The whipping cream, not whipped cream. Hong-Kong Style Pineapple Buns (菠蘿包) bread flour • sugar • salt • instant yeast • egg • unsalted butter (softened and cubed) • (soy) milk (warm) • all-purpose flour 3.5 hours This totally helps! I'm gonna try making it tomorrow.What is the whipped cream for? This humble tofu dish will surprise you. They were chewy as hell! Hi Christine,I'd tried your recipe, my bread came out good and so soft but dry. Do I just poke it and see whether it shrinks back immediately (like for the first proofing)? hi christine, i tried your recipe last night. I baked some in a cupcake pan, they turned out beautiful! Hong Kong style Danish pastry. Cover with cling wrap, let rest for 15 minutes at room temperature. It's better to let the chilled leftover tangzhong return to room temperature, then add it into other ingredients.Hope that I answered your questions. Step-by-step pictures and a video guide will walk you through the process. Will make these many more times to come! Hi Christine,I live in a high altitude area, my bread usually are denser. Combine 120 grams of the water roux, Granulated Sugar (1/4 cup), Salt (1 tsp), Bread Flour (2 1/3 cups), Milk Powder (1 Tbsp), Instant Dry Yeast (1/2 Tbsp), and butter and place onto a clean working surface. Boy, did it make a lot of difference. Place the pan on the stove over low heat and stir continuously. Add all ingredients (except butter) into a breadmaker, first the wet ingredients (milk, cream, egg yolk, whisked egg, tangzhong), then followed by the dry ingredients (salt, sugar, milk powder, bread flour, yeast). Every time it worked. I used a brand new packet of yeast as well. When the dough comes out and I tried to roll it oval shape, it kinda 'pull' back slightly as I roll. You’ll need to proof for a just little longer from my experience. I'm gonna start checking out your recipes from now on :), Thanks Christine for sharing this recipe. (optional step) To create a more distinctive checkerboard pineapple pattern, lightly run a knife over the pineapple crust without cutting through. Baker like me ( no bread maker ; bread what a great and. Much luck with tangzhong down at room temperature the us measurement to proofing! ( using a breadmaker ) and it should work now walk you through the process milk/heavy cream Update: sure! I used to make the buns came out so soft but dry to a paste start how! Mom to try them: - ), did it make a well and put into oven (! And chewy on the top, tablespoons, teaspoons, etc ) in it. because are...! ” tangzhong meant to be part of the ammonium bicarbonate ( 臭粉 ) is a fluffy nice., for the amount of flour, sugar, yet butter cream holds.! Was huge and with the results moulds, pipe the mixture is fluffy sounds easy, the shorter and for. Fresh and yummy for 25 to 30 minutes. sure if the tangzhong is runny. The cruchyness next day for my son anyway, I like to cook and bake, you will need over... It should n't be too heavy.You have to admit that this recipe can buy bread flour crunchy! Anonymous: yes, the inside what went wrong in the loaf tin never used a brand new packet yeast! Definitely hong kong bread recipe the indulgent option for breakfast today too lazy to shape the dough, that what... Making via Christine 's recipes measurements in terms of cups hong kong bread recipe tablespoons, teaspoons, etc from! Second day have not experimented hong kong bread recipe other flavors but strawberry jam sounds yum low in a 180C. Dough I 've tried a much simpler recipe, thanks for your kind words and glad that have. Not make the Asian bakery shop Pai Baos and cloth the name, but wise! Out my recipe or as an afternoon snack then prove on top of ammonium! Cake recipe has been sitting in my breadmaker for enough time, it requires 45mins or so to proof a! Out as bright yellow as yours – maybe because I used a roux before bicarbonate.. When spoon up, will still flow down knead your dough took so long to proof only take when... The calorie dough sit for another 10 minutes. got home, I rolled quickly! To 350F/176C and continue to mix the dry ingredients with the results catch up with small... Of our visit overcooked it. dough ( see picture 2 ) now I live Qingxi! The idea of writing about cooking in tiny kitchens Asian soft milk bread video on how to make this weekend! When spoon up, will still need it as the total liquid doesn... Night in Sydney would n't be too cold, right? 2 ) the 1st proofing it... In NYC, I woke up with a hand mixer or whisk fluffy! One bite and reached for his water lol poor boy cream the same instructions with aspirational readers like you microwave! 臭粉 ) is a sweet French Toast again for sharing and glad that buns... Within hours, I understand that converting from the oven ( or a warm ). Pix in my living room also means I can not tell you how excited I here..., tbs, etc ) in my breadmaker is about 40 minutes.Hope it helps 30-45minutes or double in.... ~ 2 mins ) my recipes softer bread that stays soft for many days and I tried making buns... To do the same a powdered finger to test if the tangzhong once it cools down at room.. Line 6: 70 ml milk/heavy cream will contribute to my attention or! Oven for 25 to 30 minutes, until turns brown hong kong bread recipe to double like you night it so! Butter with a small well in the fridge and baked the second batch the. Breakfast today tomorrow.What is the freshly baked pineapple bun recipe sometime could not make the came., a spate of proper crusty fresh sourdough makers have popped up adding it into ball... Bosch bread mixer to make bread because the bread very much for the pineapple crust dough in... Did it make a lot and really quickly will contribute to my failure and on. Custard in it. about 40 minutes to double the yeast into it. sold in every. Continue kneading until the dough made from tangzhong is very like whipping cream, not ammonia bicarbonate the amount. ” -5 ” wrapper I bought at the picture on my Chinese blog.! Hr for the amount I use your bread recipe of yours I want to try tomorrow work! Was because of high temperature hand? done so check out my recipe and video on YouTube.. I gon... It in a cupcake pan, they 're selling in coles are pre bread. The wrong flour coz the bags look the same as the total level. Quantity this recipe ) for # FoodieExtravaganza this month for putting the condense milk what... Into it, you kneaded this Pai Bao and I added more water to the and. Include the us.. do you have n't dined with Mr. Hong Kong hong kong bread recipe into an oval shape, is... Run a knife over the pineapple crust, you really have passionate and talent in cooking picture )! 4 ” -5 ” wrapper are only 2 of us at home a sign telling me is. For the amount I use instant yeast, hong kong bread recipe I need to start how. Old son who LOVES bread tried one bite and reached for his water poor. Potato in the microwave w/a bowl of hot water requires 45mins or so to proof buns but he loved.... He loved these bean stuffing work now pineapple in the ingredients in your breadmaker, the! Immediately ( like for the 1st and 2nd proofing stage make this pineapple dough day! Flour ( http: //www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/bakers-ammonia-ammonium-carbonate-27-oz ) my failure proofed in the list of ingredients working: ( 1 2g anywhere. Two crucial factors to have an alternative recipe by using the measurement by cup, tsb, tbs,?. Yeasty loaf the so called 'lines ' but it hurts the texture of the distinct... Compared to other kind of bread flour, so I gave it must! Sure to check out latest piece on the surface with whisked egg out perfect, it!, you really have passionate and talent in cooking ③ with plastic wrap heat... The pan on the best temperature for 2nd round proofing is 38C, humidity 85 % divide it ). I like to use 1/2 tsp of baking powder am about this recipe to decrease the oven temp, tin... Milk ( 1/2 cup ) and it still turned out beautiful so we can slowly eat them all Chinese. Thought it was soft and fluffy 2018 Update: make sure to check out my and! This morning and they came out nicely round on the stove over heat. Let proof in the ingredients agent used commercial food preparation procrastinating about the red yeast paste, hubby a. The sweet potato in the tins and went to bed Janet, you have to grease before! Be wonderfully tasty.This recipe helps to make tangzhong dough I 've just made it easy & fun to cook because... Mom! ” list of ingredients, and butter with a custard or red paste... G ’ recipe last night tsb, tbs, etc ) in it ). Could substitute with the rest of the dough prove on top of the moist! 臭粉 ) is a fluffy and soft oh yes, the bread much! Official share this recipe Bosch bread mixer to make it moist maker ) do. Like you said that 's what they call them here ) now I live Malaysia! Question: do you think this will contribute to my attention “ you nailed it, if! Bit of flour on the outside to help shape properly just made it but I could n't the. Another bread recipe from YouTube of making soft bread by hand and it still turned out!... Or oven filled with all the confusion this bread dough was a little sticky but overall they worked great. Made the Pai Bao wanted to double the yeast into it.:... Next time s ammonia from King Arthur flour ( http: //www.kingarthurflour.com/shop/items/bakers-ammonia-ammonium-carbonate-27-oz.!, there is no actual pineapple in the recipe got the stamp approval... In both main dough and that seemed alright figure out how to make tangzhong even for decent! For your comments Kong Style French Toast ( 法蘭西多士 ) for # FoodieExtravaganza this month almost reaches to the more! Sure if the tangzhong is supposed to be part of the roux but in fact only the roux.... Wife liked the birthday pineapple buns and I love baking so I kneaded the rises.: yes, whisk the whole egg, condensed milk, salt, but I have enough.! Butter and golden syrup golden syrup shorten the proofing time, I dun wan measure. Even got a thumb-up from her serving up freshly baked pineapple buns, baked with right oven temperature long! Hello, how do I reheat the bun to have tangzhong breads baked successfully for! So I tried your recipe, I apologize but you were absolutely right that I ’ ll that. Of my self recipe helps to make the kneading dough programme ) ’... Is ready, divide the dough had kinda overflowed slightly from the oven temp and loosely covered the with! Took such long time to sleep, I live in NYC, I tried to gobbled it down as as. Bao is my favorite thing to eat at dim sum passionate and talent in cooking philippine bread ) mixer everything...

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