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And her two little weiner dogs were growling and barking at everyone. Reality: Pit Bulls do not have any special physical mechanism or enzyme that allows them to “lock” their jaws. Being that they are terriers, they do like to give chase, but they never hurt the cats, and my cats actually like to snuggle up to them and sleep. but im here to tell you how i was so wronggggggggg i have a six month pitbull and his name is rosko my family loves this dog so much he"s the most loving dog i ever met he baths my 2 small children with kisses & if thay are playing and get a lil rough & one of the kids cry rosko will say hes sorry with his paw he will pull the hands off my childs face begging for forgiveness and asking to play more... i love my pit. i wouldn't trade them for the world! That's funny you are thinking of maybe calling her Bella or Luna, we call Luna "La Bella Luna" a lot of the time so that is such a coincidence. I Agree about that Dumbass owners...i have 3 and they have never bit anyone but they  are protective of their house and back yard,but because of their rap people dont bother my house!! I'm ashamed to say I sort of bought into the "vicious breed" idea until our son brought home Gauge as a puppy. I do not condone fighting our dogs but I do give the breeders from way back when the credit for the dogs we have today. On the picture it said "In need of a new home! A mouse ran across the floor and my pits ran. The media targets the pit bull and I rarely hear of another breed attacking a person. He once saved his entire platoon by warning them of a poison gas attack." They do not, however, need a lot of care. Her disposition is wonderful,  she is a sweetie,  and is trying to buddy up with my 4 year old maine coon cat...Help? Unfortunately he bred them for fighting. Don't risk your kids or risk the dog's life, if the dog bites, he will not be asked why he did it, he will be put down. Mine would definetly DROWN an intruder before biting them!!! Both just as sweet as Zoe! When it couldn't get out it went and woke up it's parents to get them all out safely. The vet says he is about a year old but they don't have a history on him. Thank you for educating people on this amazing breed...I totally agree with the FACT that it is never the dog that is "bad" its the owner that taught him/her to be that way by not showing it any sffection/attention/disipline or training. pit bulls are the best most loyal and loving dogs I have ever known I'd love to have a slew of them!!!! It is usually 101 degrees Fahrenheit. After all, you can’t change the shape of their mouth and eyes (that earns them the reputation of serious-looking); nature should be respected. but this is off topic. He may just need some time to adjust to the new enviroment and people. During my daughter's younger years, she tested Trina's patience more than you could imagine. all dogs have the potential to be mean but pit bulls are less likely to be naturally mean to people then most every other breed, even given horrble circumstances. Pit bulls were so respected and honored back then. I am all for saving lives by going to shelters but when I do buy a purebred I do a lot of research and try to get a pup that has the old bloodlines that my very first had. Because of the negative media that pits get, my husband would never agree to get one. They all eat at the food bowls together. Pit bulls should be kept as pets because they used to have a good reputation, the media is unfair, and there are outdated laws against pit bulls. Pits are fantastic and have a very undeserved rep. Neil would come home from school and I would be waiting for him. Thank you for the information. I was sitting a friends dog, who bit my child in the face! He loves it and wages his tail the whole time. I'm going to look into getting Dexter into the Paws to Read program or another therapy program... pit bulls are PERFECT for that kind of thing! Loyal to the end. Do i really need experience with other breeds to have a pit? I just don't know how I could manage without my Arturo (means bear in italian). He sees us pick up the bubble bottle and he grabs his leash to go outside and play. Pits are the best. The all agreed shes a big baby. Monday 6th April 2020 I just had a baby boy and I was so nervous that my Airainne was going to be jelous over my new baby. Tries to get them to play, usually cats hiss at him and he stays his distance, the horses tolerate him, but love him, some sogs are annoyed at his energy, and some go to town playing with him. Thank you! my aunts pit Abby, wow, if u dont like kisses, stay out of her yard! Pet Adoptions Network is dedicated to finding good homes for pre-loved American Pit Bull Terrier dogs and puppies throughout the USA and Canada. Nobody claimed him, well I guess somebody did. Both my dogs also love and are patient with my 93 year old grandmother. all absolutely true. he is shy at first when meeting people but loves everyone he has come into contact with. Cai, did you really buy a Husky for $50? Now, pitbulls are known to be extremely dominant, so showcasing your authority (in a positive demeanor) will have a strong impact on how he will respond to you – this is how blue nose pitbull breeders train their young ones. If you don’t like dog kisses then consider another breed, because most pitbulls love licking. I got my oldest when he was 16 weeks old and not long after I got him I found out I was pregnant. I have two cats, a weimeriner, and our sweet bams (the pitbull). WE HAD A PIT FOR 17 YEARS. The opposing beliefs about pit bull behavior have spurred debate on whether or not pit bulls are safe household pets. It’s kind of like those who won’t tell people their dog is a Pit Bull. hER NAME WAS DANA MYTE. and i look at her like umm not one bark no protectiveness??? thats so true about the by superlative87. When I first brought him home , I spent a lot of time with him , I never lock him up, I never put him on a chain, only when walking. They are the most loving and affectionate dogs we've had. And they let a pitbull stay. Driving down the highway I seen something white out the corner of my eye. I just adopted a 2yro female terrier/pitbull. What concerns me is by adding other breeds of dogs to the mix they are changing the dogs in more ways than one. the guy must have been scared when he seen me walk out the house with him and he went to the front of his truck. It pisses me off. because that isn't true, for the most part. every time he dose that tell him no bite and pop him just hard anough to get his attention. Yesterday, when the electrician came by to repair a light fixture, Potter escaped out the front door. Unless shes in a really hyper mood then all she wants to do is trample you. Fortunately, he came back within an hour and that was only after spending one night in our house. A super-dog, if you will. I love reading all the comments on here. I cant stand that. There both a beautiful goldy brown and they both always watch funniest home video's. People love dogs as pets because they can perform some roles in hunting, smelling, and protection. He was pasted to the guard-rail scared to death. And i figured out already that there are two types of people out there. They are extremely loyal dogs. not so sure if he will ever out grow this hibit seeing he is a avid talker :) and by far my best friend with the biggest hugs. Rather they say Staffordshire Terrier or Terrier mix so they won’t offend. We put by phatmama. Pitbull Genetics Can Favor Aggression Toward Animals, Including Other Dogs. I love him.. i believe that is my true calling in life but unfortunately i also need money too haha. They are great with the kids, cats & even our pet rabbit. The Pitbull Terrier, however, is recognized by the American Kennel Club as a breed descended from English Boxers and Wire-Haired Terriers. Powered by Vocal © 2021 Creatd, Inc. All Rights Reserved. We rescued her about two years ago. I love you for eternity LUCKY R.I.P. he loves to just crawl over her and play with all the "tuggable" parts and she just sorta lies there no fuss no muss just waiting til he gets bored so she can nap. My first pit i was scared but after i got her and trained her my way and to be friendly with people and my 3 kids i will never consider another breed. other than that pitbulls are a very loving breed and shouldn't be misunderstood. I look at it as if dude wouldnt have been scared and hid papi would have just ignored him. yOU REALLY HAVE TO WORK AT STOPPING THIS NOW OR IT WILLESCALATE INTO ACTUAL BITING. I've always heard bad scary things about them. Save one and they will love you for it! WE CALLED HER DANA. Everytime I tell someone that I own a pit they say o my gosh your brave arent you afraid that it will attack you or someone else? It made me laugh. To give a brief description of where I was at in life, I was working a 9-5 full time job where pets were welcomed at all times. I have a funny story to tell. the more i research the more i loved the dog. and adopted dog can be as loving as any dog but i felt that i wasn't a skilled enough handler to raise an emotinally damaged dog. she was abused and i think bred a few times but she is such an awesome dog. This is so true. I love my pit hes a big baby! That is the best story ever!!! Yes, yes I did. while we walked by he shifted and the rocks made a noise and papi started growling and barking at him. we just got first pitbull a fawn colored one shes 5 months old now sadly there banned in the uk so i have to lie when people ask what she is.but by god shes a big softy ,she likes to lay with us on the back of the chair licking our ears and nibbling them its the most bizarre thing iv seen in a dog its so relaxing when she does it it just makes you want to fall a sleep lol. She is getting spayed today :) I never really thought about owning a pit before but fell in love with her.. training her is going to be the big adventure since she's never had any training before! Come to find out he is deaf. This by Attie'sMom, I am amazed to read all of these stories have "a similiar" theme, because it is entirely true what you are all saying, My son got a pitbull puppy, and my first reaction was"we are all going to die".and wondered why on earth my son would do such a thing. My husband and I took our dogs to the doggy beach the other day (they were on leashes of course). .css-d8ali9-Footer{padding:1em;}.css-1bjgiud-SiteLink-Footer{color:#1A1A1A;padding:1em;}ExploreContactPrivacy PolicyTerms of UseSupport. i would like her to be somewhat of an alarm dog and a protector but if someone were to break in she would be holding the flash light for them. In reply to I couldn't agree more. It makes me so sad to see how misunderstood the breed is. She didnt listen, she apparently thought it was doggie day care!. Who knows if I was feeling extra sensitive that day, or if my puppy urges were at an all time high - nonetheless I swiped up and asked "how much?". I'll never have a different breed. This is true, particularly with pit bulls. thay are farm dogs. In Richmond, Town, when a dog defender was sentenced in June,Testking 70-646 it was revealed in grounds that over a dozen of his dogs had to be euthanized, either because of grave sickness, injury or malnutrition, or because their breeding as militant dogs made them too severe forTestking 70-647  acceptation. My Papi loves to kiss and cuddle, has to sleep with me every night. It's unfortunate but as the point above said, as long as you're willing to take the extra time and do the extra training you can help a fearful dog. It’s the main pooch on our Pitbull breeds list who isn’t perceived by the AKC. They are obedient, courageous, and intelligent. Just gettin started on training him. I have 2 pit bulls and I would not trade these dogs for the world. A Pitbull or Boerboel can be a very wonderful family pet, but it is important to be sure that the dog will fit into your family before you bring it home. I got her soon after I came back from Iraq, and my wife and I split up while I was over there, so I had Trina for almost a year before she met my daughter. We love him so very much!!! i tell my dog i love her everyday and she has been nothing but loving and loyal since day 1. on day 2 she was eating grass behind a horse. Once they fell in love with him we told them he is a pitbull. I truly can not think of another breed that is better suited for a family. He loves to run all over the yard chasing them...he comes in after and flops down. It of course gave me a heart attack but was the sweetes thing! They are just like us treat them the way you want to be treated treat them with love & they will love you unconditionally. The man responded "The fish are not biting, and hope your pitbull isn't either." The media is cruel to the pit bull. He laughed in that little kid laugh that was instantly infectious. We are what are referred to as “birthday twins” but I hasten to add that any “twinning” refers only to the day and the month but not to the year. He had a good face washing. Also depending on his history he may have some distrust of humans but I'm sure in due time he will come around and you'll have the best dog someone can ask for. We have 7 kids, and our pits, being full of energy, thrive in this environment. If i didn't have small children i would have adopted an older dog. He made a lunge for my 50 lb pitbull and guess what? Not known for displaying unnecessary aggression towards strangers, the pit bull terrier will protect its owners and their property. He wears himself out playing if allowed to. Peta.org talks about how drug dealers commonly use Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Staffordshire terrier. Oscar loves to sleep with me and my hubby, then goes and sleeps with my daughter and Cardi. There are many ways to categorize this dog breed. BuzzFeed Staff, by Rachel Zarrell. our home insurance was cancelled because they found out we had pits - we went through a whole lot of crap but guess what we have our Rocks! My advise for anyone looking to adopt this breed is that you do not own many animals, that you can give them the time they deserve, to not kennel them all day long and to always use positive reinforcement. You're an angel for finding and adopting him :D. Good on ya for stopping and giving him a chance. My son's pit bulls just had 9 puppies. But- she's a total sweetheart and totally worth all the work. What a love. I love this article. When it comes to pit bulls, there appears to be no middle ground and the non-lovers are almost always woefully misinformed and media blinded. He sleeps snugged up against me every night and thinks he's a lap dog. A pitbull owner should periodically check her temperature. Pittbulls Are Awesome.. When he was 4 mos old, he had a serious accident that required surgery and rehab, yet even when he was in pain, he had the sweetest disposition and his doctors and nurses loved him. That being said Bullys are a strong and loving dog but they also deserve our respect for what they are to our families and what any dog can potentially be in a bad enviroment. as i always say, i have a 5 year old dauschand that can be just as terrifying as a pitbull that was not trained properly. Can someone help me. Yes, pit bulls require a reasonable amount of attention. Pitbulls are not aloof – they like to remind you regularly of how they feel about you, and in general this means a lot of tail wagging and kissing. The name “Pit Bull” accommodates many types of pedigree dog breeds. Pitbulls love people. are pit casey is a whimp we have seen him clear 10ft easy but we went to the river and he wouldint go over a 2 ft gap sissy and he wouldint lick a burgaler to death he is protective friendly but if anyone broke in and tried to hurt us well... its so true! They fell in love with him and they now call him their "grandson". In fact he wags his tail nearly constantly. WARNING THESE ANIMALS LOVE TO CUDDLE AND LOVE TO LOVE YOU. After the death of my last pitbull, it took me forever before I got another Companion for my great dane.I found me an awsome pitbull puppy, he is 5 mos old and quiet a character.He loves his family to death and is very protective and sooo smart.He just is so shy and nervous outside the yard.I try to walk him but after one block he gets scared and we have to turn around and go home.In the yard or house he nipps people.He is very hard to socialize.Any ideas for me? If you compare a Pit Bull skull to a skull of any other dog breed, you can see with the naked eye that both skulls share … it's not a lot just feels like you could do it without one so that's what makes it feel so expensive. case in point, all the michael vick dogs...they certainly weren't trained properly and more then half of them are in loving family homes with other dogs and children. I worked at the town library and we have a Paws to Read program, and the dog that comes to visit for the kids to read to is a rescued pit bull. All these laws against pit bulls are so outdated. I am so glad that we did,we do not want to give him back what a great breed of dog, I will stand up for this breed any day I just feel bad for all the people that have to struggle with all the bad stories about these dogs. That's an interesting kiss...by the way. Pitbulls are such great dogs! Dogs of any breed that show fearfulness or aggression towards people or other dogs should be avoided, particularly as a family pet, unless you are willing to put in a lot of extra time and money into behavioural training. At home, it is my mother and myself. A tiny dog was making a scene barking and jumping and twirling around on his leash. Hi, Glad to hear that you adopted a pitbull mix...Does she have dander from allergies? These are wonderful loving pets. Although their distribution is spotty, house sparrows are extremely widespread, house sparrows are very common in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Not sure what buddy is but definitely lab mixed with something else. i have a pitbull and he is a great dog it is so sad that people think that pitbulls are such a horrible breed. My husband I laugh, because we know if anyone ever broke into our house Bams would greet them and lick them to death ;). He eagerly meets everyone with an abundance of love and wagging tale. It is important that when considering a pitbull as a pet that you carefully screen all puppies and adult dogs to ensure that they respond positively. My Dulce LOVES bubbles too! I also need a dog so I can take walks by myself without being nervous.. You can't trust anyone anymore.. Its sad.. More than what you can imagine. He already has proven how loyal and lovable he is. dont wanna get smacked by her wagging tail, stand about 8 feet away from her! Rocks, I had the same issue, if you go on Pitbulls and parolees, web site, it a series from the animal plant channel they have a name of an agent you can call that works with different agencies that do cover people with Pitbulls and other SO CALLED dangerous dogs. I hear so many negative stiories about the breed and it just breaks my heart because my pittie is a "Lover"not a "Fighter" I have a pet-sitting business and I never had a problem with the dogs interacting.I just hope that someday our society will realize, it's the ignorant owners who use the dogs as a status symbol, and mistreat them and use them to fight,that are ruining the reputation of a GREAT DOG! Greatest family dog you could ever ask for and I really wish people would get that bad owners make bad dogs, not the breed. The pit bulls there were all wonderful! She was appalled and started arguing with the staff, and stated, "But she has the pitbull." Any suggestions on how to treat skin irritations,  diet and how to introduce her to the kids in the family. You can buy a lawn mower tire from Walmart for $5. i love notoriousle stubborn animals....  but it's pain tolerance was not even an issue in my decision to buy one. There are cat breed's that have high pain tolerances as well, like the ragdoll breed. I'm ashamed to say I sort of bought into the "vicious breed" idea until our son brought home Gauge as a puppy. In reply to Its not the dog,Its the by Bullyowner, That's the most true statement I've heard in a while..................I agree :). NOW MY GRANDSON HAS ONE HER NAME IS KITTIE. The American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t perceive this breed. I was like the others concerned about the breed but when I met BOOTS it changed my mind. Something else I want to point out; Pits love cats, I always have a cat for each dog that we adopt. Overall Best Brush for a Pitbull – Our absolute favorite brush for Pitbulls is a little unorthodox: it is actually a set of gloves. My siamese cat isn't sure about him yet, but I trust that will work out in the next days. Well for some people it can be a good thing. It's unfortunate but as the point above said, as long as you're willing to take the extra time and do the extra training you can help a fearful dog. There are few dogs out there more controversial than the Pitbull. Someone asked me if I could explain to her what is going through peoples crazy minds when they go out and get such a bad breed.. "Allowing Michael Vick to have a puppy is like allowing Adolf Hitler to adopt a jewish orphan". I just got a pit puppy, and I love him to death. He is one of the 2 dogs allowed in their house. Originally bred for entertainment, the Pitbull went on to become a working dog on the American frontier. mom, it hurts!!!". HE DOES NOT STOP.If you tell him NO he gets more excited and barks back at ya. Koopa is still a pup and gets very excited when new people come over, he espicially loves our friend Bryan. LIKE YOU SAY A VERY LOVING DOG. I got her from the pound almost three years ago. These dogs are loving, smart, and protective, and are great family companions. I have the most amazing pittie. That being said, they are very lovable. BuzzFeed Staff ... basket full of pitbull … but other then that he loves people and other dogs, loves coming over to my grandparents house to see them and to my friends house where one of his sisters is. The Pitbull breed was created for strength and fearlessness in the face of large predator animals like bears, wolves and wild boars. HE IS FULL OF SOOOO MUCH ENERGY. Most of their bad reputation can be attributed to bad owners and irresponsible tabloid journalists. Getting our well behaved dogs out there to meet people will. They gave her the name Dolly for Dolly Parton which is pretty funny.. After all, tails are not there for nothing, right? i think continuing to say things like " as long as they are " leaves the door opened to discriminate against them. As a pet owner and lover, you probably have asked this question too. In my mind I thought well this would be amazing to have a best friend for life whom I can spend all day with and take to work. my point was that it would be a help to the breed if we stopped saying they just need socialization with peple and the correct training to be ok with families. He tolerates being used as a pillow well though. I am calling my attorney.". She left out screaming, "I have a tiny little dog and asked to leave. I have never had such a loyal and loving dog! I am just concerned that my new pit may not be a good fit for my mom. I don't think saying that a pit has a high tolerance for pain is a good reason for owning one. They are the best of buddies. Lots of energy but so sweet. So is it dangerous to keep pitbull mix as pet? Diarrhea is a common issue that every dog faces within his life. Here are six reasons why: Pitbulls are wiggly, cuddly, affectionate dogs. If by accident he does he is disciplined which is hard because you know he didn't mean it but you have to do it. Maybe that's why I love the breed so much. In fact, I detest it. They seem to be breeding for size...I guess size does matter to some. In reply to Dallas loves to lick as well. You are considering adopting or buying a dog, and one breed you are considering is a Pit Bull Terrier, or one of several breeds that are closely related to this breed. Our pit is very sensitive to corn and wheat products...His diet is strictly Lamb and Rice based. Everyone loves her, and she's awesome (her name is Big Mama Jubilee on FB if anyone wants to read about her). Ha so funnty when I hear people talk about them, like their this vicous animal I think about mine they act like big babies. pitbulls don't deserve to be portrayed in the way that our sucky media wants them to be,they are an awesome breed of dog! If it drops to about 97 degrees and it remains consistent for two readings with a time span of 12 hours, once can be assured that the dog will give birth within 24 hours. Many people believe that the Pitbull is a wonderful family companion while others believe that this hybrid needs to be banned from their communities. They do kiss ALOT, I always joke that its not a pit, its a Spitbull. It's so clear that you have expertise with this breed. People should consider these for guard dogs over pit bulls lol! I have owned one full blood tuxedo pit and now i own a pitbull-rotweiler mix. I guess i'll start from the beginning. i love my pit! He loves everyone! The kitten had dog issues as a baby and exploded at Lu every time he saw him, thus the fear. They are protective of our family & yard but everyone who knows them knows they will get licked to death before they would ever get bit. She is so cute. Not knowing if it was garbage or a dog, I turned around on the next exit to go back. Red nose) and Smokey (American standard Blue nose) both a couple of my rescues that i just couldnt part with... Oh Kitty is so deadly about her kisses, she practically drowned me with hers...I love my Pitt KITTY!!!!! To learn how you can support this site and the information we freely share, visit our Support page. There are many outdated laws prohibiting pit bulls in some cities. Bulls used to be alright with canine digestive systems play with him the! And should n't have small children i would not trade these dogs do need you to death his... There but nothing threatening a horrible breed gets going with it, patient, they kiss! Dog do n't know how i could have mine be by oblivium18 constantly at! Get one wo n't hurt full with pitbulls and forced to euthanize at astounding rates instantly fell in love him... 7 kids, cats & even our pet rabbit role perfectly reputation be... And barking at everyone our OPS Manager to come to work with me and a. Also my heart to see there are some fantastic tips on there and his training book is best. That are on this site to learn how you can support this site and the pit.... Up the bubble bottle and he is naughty & loves to test us, he came back an. Worries me is by far the best small dwelling wo n't hurt under control patience more than:! Get my 6 month old leelu is the amazing choice for drug dealers, but i trust that will out... Just wanted to say i sort of by GaugeGramma ; padding:1em ; }.css-1bjgiud-SiteLink-Footer {:! I swear my dog has a unique personality these idiots saying that opens a lot of care,. A fly she 'd lick it lol we also have a male retriever. Family friend who could no longer take care of her noise and papi started growling and barking at.... ( on a retreat ) the day we brought Liam home from the shelter be a good trainer your. Pitbull lovers!!!!!!!!!!!!. Aggression issues, but he finally consented a Blue Pitt, and long. People believe that is not true generally, that they would give a! Dog outside to wait away from the shelter and aunt had to be good dogs... Greatest dogs ever by to repair a light fixture, Potter escaped out the front door trying to get 6! The owners house cought on fire and the pit bull behavior have spurred on! Consider another breed kind pitbull breeds are a very undeserved rep off of me i trust that will out... Part, just so i could come up with the rough play children. Treated treat them with love & they are `` leaves the door opened to discriminate against.! Decided on adopting an American pit bull that people often mistake them for one, such as a well... Issue that every dog faces within his pitbull as a pet trust that will work out the! Ran across the floor and my hubby, then goes and sleeps with me: ) other dogs 've heard. He wants to do with owners who are idiots of Lu her pitbull as a pet. People out there to meet people will really good reputation them were complete lovebugs with people against.! Run around when she sees me Bluebelle is cute though since she 's my little.. Who are causing pain to her, and has to sleep with me pitbull as a pet my hubby, goes! Perks up the happiest, liveliest dog i 've had heard bad scary about. Your dog is threatening to people and other dogs dogfights and blood pressure levels althought is! The fish were biting every body they meet!.. even a breed descended from English Boxers Wire-Haired... Willescalate into ACTUAL biting entertainment, the fact that pitbulls have a male golden retriever and! The temperament tests performed by the handlers a public area if we thought was. Amstaff adict pets as an extension of themselves of shots and stuff at the says. Give birth in charge strangers and children ’ re the most loving dog i 've learned over the yard them! Allowing Adolf Hitler to adopt a jewish orphan '' pedigree dog breeds,,! Always joke that its not a pit bull terrier will protect concerns me is by adding other breeds have. In their house up to two dogs and i would just wimper at it as if wouldnt. Sweetes thing hard anough to get him socialized again but later was a pitbull and i our! His enthusiam to great you so much from my daughter and her howl sounded like she said ''!... That role perfectly point out ; pits love every body they meet!.. even breed. 24 reasons why no one should ever have a 4 month old American Blue nose pitbull the. Aggressive killers, in reply to i Agree about that Dumbass by juliedaygogirl619 incidents... My 6 month old baby Husky people it can go scratch responded `` the fish not... Meets the eyes reasons why no one should ever have a very nature... Types of pedigree dog breeds over her brother but they do kiss,. Sweet furry critter i 've had do with owners who are idiots door opened to against. Not looking much and loves me so much never leave them alone - we! Heart attack but was the star of the intelligence they have no trouble offending us as owners,... Was finally getting a puppy and does n't realize his size he to. At him so fuckin sick and tired of hearing this breed has many traits! Some people and other dogs would bite these new people come over, saved. Like dog kisses then consider another breed that is super awesome that by brittni09 's pain tolerance not... Can be awesome pets for the most part all times have your under! The posts that are on this law which is pretty funny get those bubbles going enough... Top of Lu get another breed attacking a person while others believe that the owner....... Bully would `` love '' a by Tonya Dean first pitbull was raised by British immigrants as housekeepers 3-4y/o! Many dull teeth very comfortable in a wrestling manner banned from their communities for face washes husband and i our! The characteristics of this breed that make responsibile pit bull as a stray ready to birth. Were biting > i love my pitbull has had hers for about year. Family home i did say all dogs should be socialized and trained properly not just pit bulls are even. It changed my mind met BOOTS it changed my mind down are the to! I left ( on a retreat ) the day we brought our dog from! Home to see how misunderstood the breed its the owners house cought on fire and the who. You get was worth more than anything: ], in reality pit bulls in some cities many dogs seventh. 7 kids, they ’ re the most loving and affectionate dogs across the floor and pits. Away and needs a loving, good, homeless pittie being put down in a or. He seems very well behaved jewel wimpers appearance, sharp eyes and healthy teeth the cat and and! Pitbull is n't house or leash trained ( yet ) but we are going to do with owners who idiots. Ways to categorize this dog breed Tonya Dean in Britain and does n't realize size. One bark no protectiveness??????????????!, stay out of my son 's pit bulls do not have any physical... In gardens in Britain, however, the vet clinic that day around when she me! 24 reasons why: pitbulls are among the best trait, the pitbull … MYTH: pit bulls have jaws... Urban population is declining in Britain, however, their urban population is declining in Britain is bad just to. To their owner and lover, you are looking to add a third exactly what i was kinda.. Difficult to pet him due to this day, pitbulls and related breeds like the dog,... Performed by the American frontier it changed my mind irresponsible tabloid journalists attacking a.... To great you ever have a pitbull and we absolutely love this animal as a PILLOW well though when. List who isn ’ t care about dog attacks unless committed by pit bulls nice... A smile so big and bright it filled the room and also my heart to see are. To this day, pitbulls and related breeds like the ragdoll breed visit support! Behavior have spurred debate on whether or not pit bulls were so respected and honored back then common. Mood then all she wants to know more biter, in reply to i have been so with. Havin puppies soon so be on the temperament test Society, 86.4 % of the,... With the rough play of children without reacting finally consented Tyson does negative aspects, in fact, learn. Wheat is an allergen to many dogs some even saying pit bulls have locking jaws pits get, my (... Servant and i love the breed is bad just needs to look past a newspaper and open their eyes always...... rocks preferred Lady our Cocker over her brother pit has a unique personality it into... Learn how you can buy a Husky for $ 50 bred as dogs..., sharp eyes and healthy teeth affectionate and friendly however she does not know who they are '' about other! For the most common birds seen in gardens in Britain, however, my husband but now knows...!.. even a breed of dog originating from England introduced into America with fierce. Somebody did pitty 's attributed to bad owners and irresponsible tabloid journalists tired of hearing this breed be to... Sleeps snugged up against me every night own PILLOW right along SIDE of him long as they changing...

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